Safety tips to prevent caravan accidents

A caravan set up with an awning

Admiral Insurance has offered a range of tips for anyone driving a caravan this summer as August is reportedly the worst month for accidents.

It has found that the majority of caravan-related accidents on the road happen at this time of year, with 49 per cent reported in the summer months and 20 per cent in August alone.

The insurer’s first piece of advice is to check the weight of your vehicles after new laws around towing came into effect in 2021.

While it means anyone with a full driving licence can tow a caravan, both the towing vehicle and the caravan must not exceed 3,500 kg combined.

Drivers could also be subject to a fine of £1,000 if they’re found not to be using the right towing mirrors.

Claire Egan, head of motor at Admiral Insurance, said: “With many of us worried about the recent travel chaos, staycations remain a popular choice for holidaymakers this summer.

“We’re expecting to see many people hitting the roads with a caravan in tow. For some, this could be their first-time driving with a caravan, so there are a lot of things they need to bear in mind for the benefit of all road users.”

Admiral recommends carrying out the following checks before towing:

  • Close gas taps and remove connectors from gas bottles
  • Switch off interior lights and electrical equipment
  • Disconnect the mains electricity supply and stow away the cable
  • Empty the fresh water and waste tanks
  • Secure loose belongings and keep heavy items low down
  • Close all windows, roof lights, doors and hatches
  • Lift prop-stands and check nose-weight
  • Ensure all road lights are working


Photo credit: Pexels/Nikita Pishchugin