Levelling Made Easy With Lock n Level

The twin axle Lock'n'Level will have you set up in no time

By William Coleman

So you pull up to your site of choice, pick out the ideal pitch and then it starts to get dark before you even begin to pitch up. We have all been there a thousand times before and will again I’m sure. So once the sun goes down pitching up becomes that little bit trickier, especially the leveling. You can drastically reduce the time it takes to level by using the innovative Lock’n’Level.

There are many different ways to level your caravan or motorhome, and let’s face it they are all a bit time consuming and downright fiddley. My pet hate is the leveling of a caravan as it tends to lead to bickering due to miscommunication, especially when using chocks.

Chocks are one of the more popular methods, very much so with motorhomes, as on paper it seems like the easiest and quickest. My experience has been the opposite of easy due to several factors, the main one being I do not have a motor mover. Using the clutch control to move onto the chocks to ensure you are level and the wheels are in the correct position takes far too much time.

Due to this the system I use is a bit like the Chuckle Brother, “To me to you” communication between me and the partner. Which as I mentioned can sometimes lead to a little bit of arguing with the person guiding you on. And once I am on you can guarantee that 9 times out of 10 your wheel is not in line for the Alko wheel lock.

If you use a soft pitch and it rains you can sometimes run the risk of the van sinking slightly due to the moist soft ground, and yes I have a horror story about that happening. Waking up lopsided is not ideal when a monsoon is taking place outside.

So what other alternatives are out there to make life easier? How about air? Yes air. An inflatable to help level the caravan and save a lot times. This is where Lock’n’Level come in to save the day.

The great thing about using the Lock’n’Level is just how quick and easy it is. From start to finish it will take less than 10 minutes, and that includes the inflation and leveling. With such a simple design you can be up and running in no time at all in any weather on any surface.

Who are Lock’n’Level

Lock’n’Level was created by two friends, Derek and Terry, who met caravanning 30 years ago and have been friends ever since.

The pair understood the need for a leveling system that was light, portable and most importantly user friendly. When you have been pitching up and levels for years on end it can become a tad tiresome.

After trying to find one for themselves they soon realised that there is no such product on the market. From there the Lock’n’Level idea was created and is the only product of its kind.

Not having much of a budget to create, bearing in mind it was an idea they had off the top if their heads, Derek and Terry had to be a bit creative and ended up using an old airbag they found at a scrap yard. After some initial crude tests, and an exploded airbag, it seemed like the idea was a winner and they can see that this product will benefit every caravanner who uses it.

The airbag may have popped under the weight of a single axle van but the point was proven, this does work. Now they had the idea worked it was time to design, build and develop a version that would support a single and twin axle caravan. That was a decade ago in 2008. 50 were made and sold and that was the launch of the Lock’n’Level business and here we are 10 years later.

How Does It Work?

Unlike most leveling systems which you have to have several attempts to get right, unless you are a caravan master, the Lock’n’Level can have you leveled up on the first go. The Lock’n’Level employs the method of inflation to achieve the perfect leveling, it’s really that simple.

Step 1

Lay out your Lock’n’Level next the the caravan wheel once the van is stationary. Once you have your chosen your spot simply reverse the van and slide the Lock’n’Level to where you want the tires to be once parked. Once the inflation pad is in place drive onto the pad with the tires directly parked in the centre. Always put the handbrake on once you are in the chosen position.

Step 2

For step two you are going to need an air pump or compressor, some new vehicles actually come with this over a spare tire. So make sure you purchase one of these if you do not already have one.

Simply attach the air nozzle the Lock’n’Level and inflate to your desired amount. Using a spirit level on board, most smartphones now come with an app for this, you can measure the level and then adjust accordingly.

Step 3

Once you are level simply lower the steadies and you are ready to enjoy your first cup of tea, or bottle of beer.

So after what should take around 5-6 minutes your van is totally level, locks are on and nobody got into are argument over the minor adjustments needed to fit onto chocks. With 2 models available, single and twin axle, you will be a raise of 6″ using the Lock’n’Level.

You will never had to just settle with “as good as its gonna’ get” anymore with one of these devices and the time you say setting up can be spent enjoying your leisure time. To find out more or purchase you can visit the team on their website, Lock’n’Level.

If you like the look of the these innovative creations be sure to say hello to the team at the NEC Caravan and Motorhome Show this month in Birmingham. The show takes place 16th-21st and we are actually running a competition for 10 pairs of free tickets so you can see these guys for free.