Family’s love of caravans the secret behind business’ success

The couple not only sell caravans but outdoor accessories

A pair of caravanning siblings have set up their own caravan business using the money they inherited from their late grandmother, it has been reported.

John and Jo Grove are now the proud owners of Venture Caravans, which is located in St Aspeth, Denbingshire, and sells not only caravans themselves but also a range of accessories for the great outdoors.

However, while the enthusiasm for the hobby has always been present, the duo were only able to get their enterprise off the ground after they inherited some money through their grandmother’s will, the Denbingshire Visitor has reported.

“We have always been interested in caravanning as a family and were introduced to caravan holidays from an early age, touring all over Europe,” John told the newspaper.

“My late grandmother also enjoyed the odd caravan holiday and knew what an integral part of our lives it was… so we felt it only appropriate to use the money she left us by reinvesting it in the business,” he added.

Just recently, North Wales Fire and Rescue Services advised caravanners to take extra care after a man set fire to his trailer while carrying out DIY work using a grinding machine.