Dethleffs Event UK Mountain Bike Champ Appearance

The UK champ making the most of his Dethleffs motorhomes

By William Coleman

The Erwin Hymer Centre Travelworld in Stafford will be hosting their National Dethleffs motorhomes event which will feature all the best the brand has to offer as well as a very special UK sporting champion.

The Stafford based luxury leisure vehicle company will have Scott Beaumont, the UK mountain bike champion, attending the event to speak with guests and visitors who will be attending from all over the UK.

The event will be taking place from 17th-23rd of June with Scott attending on the 17th and 18th along with the prestige Dethleffs 7877-2 model. Scott will be bringing his hi-spec race winning bikes with him as well as screening some of his favourite team films.

Scott, or “Boom Boom” to his friends, competes in race events all across the UK and Europe with the help of what he describes as his ‘house on wheels’ Dethleffs motorhome. Scott has been competing since the ripe old age of 4! Just more proof of how vital motorhomes are to the sporting world.

He says: “I am no stranger to motorhomes, and the Dethleffs range is by far the most superior brand I have had the pleasure to use. It’s the crème de la crème of motorhoming, so it’s no wonder the Erwin Hymer Centre are dedicating a full week to highlight the range – there really is that much to talk about!”

During the motorhome event you will be able to get a hands on look all the newest 2019 Dethleffs products as well as lots of brand goodies available too.

Managing director, Ross Edwards said: “It’s great that Scott can join us for a second time after coming along to our opening event in February – it makes such a difference when visitors can see with their own eyes exactly what Dethleffs motorhomes can do.”

If you are interested in attending this event you can register for tickets here- Dethleffs Event Tickets.