Channel ferries thrown into chaos this Easter

P&O ferry

It may be just a 90-minute trip across the Channel to France with your caravan, but ferry services are set to be thrown into chaos after the P&O Ferries redundancy debacle.

In recent weeks, P&O ticketholders have been able to travel with DFDS, but this arrangement is set to come to an end just in time to impact Easter breaks.

DFDS can’t honour its rival’s bookings as many of its services are already full for the busy holiday period.

Now, anyone with a ticket to travel with P&O from Friday (April 8th) is advised to pursue a refund and try to secure a spot on one of DFDS’ sailings.

A tweet from P&O read: “All P&O Ferries passenger services are suspended this weekend. For travel 8/9/10th April please re-book directly with another operator before arriving at the port. DFDS will not be able to transfer P&O customers onto their services.”

As demand outstrips supply, there’s likely to be many people who were expecting to enjoy a caravan holiday in France this Easter needing to make alternative arrangements for a staycation instead.

DFDS operates up to 30 daily sailings from Dover to Calais, with Irish Ferries offering ten services a day on the route.

This will not be enough to take the strain from the cancelled P&O services, which amount to as many as 15 a day during peak times.

Taking the ferry across to France is a popular option for caravan and motorhome owners, as it opens up the whole of the continent.

Flying or taking the Eurostar means travelling without your leisure vehicle and therefore not having the flexibility of your home on wheels once you arrive.

Anyone without a ticket to sail with DFDS or Irish Ferries should not turn up at the port, as it has already experienced traffic chaos in recent weeks, which is likely to be worse during the Easter holidays.


Photo credit: Pixabay/ThMilherou