Carlight Caravans begins full production again for 2012

Carlight caravans is revered as the true luxury marque

by Marcus Dubois

Say the name “Carlight” to a caravan enthusiast and you’re likely to receive a smile, with perhaps a fond memory of a family friend’s van, or questions about the marque and its heritage.

With an enviable history tracing back to the 1930s, the luxury caravan manufacturer could boast the unique claim of having produced a model throughout eight decades and one World War.

This fine run was brought to a sudden halt in 2002 when the last models were produced, before a hiatus that left many wondering if we were to see another Carlight outside of the classifieds.

So it was with some excitement that Caravan Times greeted the news earlier this year that Carlight were back in business, offering an ambitious new line-up of handcrafted caravans built to their traditional standards.

With a large number of new models launched this summer, the return of this venerable brand has seen little in the way of fanfare.

Yet if you’re new to caravanning and find it hard to see the appeal of these white boxes on wheels, seeing a Carlight for the first time is something akin to spotting an old Rolls Royce. Even if you don’t like cars, you may find yourself quietly appreciating the presence and quality of the vehicle.

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