AS Caravans – 2011 prices and weights

AS caravans: three luxuury tourers new to the market in 2010

by Holly Tribe

Auto-Sleepers have launched their first ever range of touring caravans at International Caravan and Motorhome 2010 today.

The company is an established name in the motorhome industry but with the rising popularity of caravanning Auto-Sleepers have made the move into the caravan market with a range of three new tourers for 2011.

In a conversation with Caravan Times, Auto-Sleepers CEO Geoff Scott, explained the company believed there was a gap in the market for a high spec, luxury range of caravans built for the higher end of the market, noting how “under British ownership we have been able to fulfil a dream”.

Named after luxury London hotels, the three model line up consists of Kensington, Mayfair and Grosvenor caravans. Each caravan is built on an industry leading ALKO chassis with alloy wheels. There’s an extensive range of high quality fittings and furnishings including the Whale wet central heating system, a portable handheld vacuum cleaner, hairdryer with built in socket and a top of the range Thetford swivel toilet to name but a few. See below for prices and weights for the 2011 line-up.


  • £29,500 (incl. VAT)
  • MiRO 1636kg


  • £29,500 (incl. VAT)
  • MiRO 1632kg


  • £27,495 (incl. VAT)
  • MiRO 1410kg