A convincing case for a caravan holiday with your pooch

Dog paddling in the sea

Holidaying with your dog makes them happier and can reduce behavioural issues, according to a new study from Park Leisure.

The leisure company found that a dog’s heartbeat increases by an average 51 per cent while on holiday, indicating high levels of excitement.

You can make your pet even happier by taking them to the beach, as the research discovered dogs’ heartbeats rose by 74 per cent at the coast.

It’s not surprising the wide open space, splashing of the waves, and new and interesting scents got those tails wagging, as the beach is a happy place for lots of people too.

Nick Benger, a leading dog behaviourist starring on the Amazon Prime show The Pack, was involved in the research alongside Park Leisure.

He said: “For dogs, getting away and appreciating new scents and experiences can reduce stress and strengthen their relationship with their owners. It’s also extremely important that puppies – especially lockdown puppies – are exposed to different situations, people and dogs – holidaying with your pet is a great way to do that.

“As for older dogs, a change in environment is a great chance to improve their training in a neutral space without the baggage of past learning at home.”

Once the researchers had established a resting heart rate for the dogs with the help of a pulse monitor, they compared it to their heart rates in different situations during a break at a Park Leisure resort.

It turns out dogs aren’t too different to humans, with arriving at their holiday accommodation seeing an increase of 39 per cent and going for a country walk upping the dogs’ heart rates by 58 per cent.

Caravan holidays are an ideal way to take your pet with you, as self-contained leisure vehicles allow you to have a dedicated space for your dog.

Staycations started back up after the relaxing of coronavirus restrictions on April 12th, making it the perfect time to book a holiday for you and your pooch.