Where are the most dog-friendly beaches in the UK?

With the majority of Britain being pleasantly surprised by soaring temperatures recently, it’s no surprise that searches for ‘dog-friendly holidays’ have increased by more than 300 per cent.

In these warmer temperatures, humans and their furry pals both need some cooling down. But where should they go?

New research from Showers to You has revealed the highest-rated dog-friendly beaches in the UK, based on Google ratings and reviews for 148 destinations with no dog restrictions.

So, on your next caravan or motorhome adventure, why not head to one of these destinations with your furry friend?


Where are pups most welcomed?

For the final scores, user ratings and reviews were taken from Google and each dog-friendly beach was assigned a weighted average.

In terms of the podium, there was no third place. Instead, we saw two beaches that shared second place. These were Three Cliffs Bay in Glamorgan and Mano O’War Beach in Dorset, both with an average dog-friendly score of 8.30 out of 10.00. 

The latter, also known as East Durdle Door, is a pebbled shore with calm waters, perfect for a splash in the sea with your canine companion.

If you were a dog, you might be inclined to move to Dorset, because the area scooped the top spot as well. Durdle Door boasted a score of 8.85 on the dog-friendly scale, eclipsing every other beach in the UK.

A perfect seaside getaway for pups (and their owners), the famous limestone arch can serve as an idyllic backdrop for a game of fetch with your four-legged friend.

Just missing out on a podium place was Marloes Sands, Pembrokeshire, with an impressive dog-friendly score of 8.20. Cuckmere Haven Beach in Sussex and Freshwater West, also Pembrokeshire, were the only other two to put up scores above 8.00, at 8.06 and 8.03, respectively.

Read on for the full top ten list.

Ranking  Beach Location Dog-friendly score (out of 10) 
1 Durdle Door  Dorset 8.85
=2 Man O’War Beach Dorset 8.30
=2 Three Cliffs Bay Glamorgan 8.30
4 Marloes Sands Pembrokeshire 8.20
5 Cuckmere Haven Beach East Sussex 8.06
6 Freshwater West Pembrokeshire 8.03
7 Seacliff Lothian 7.99
8 Porth Joke Cornwall 7.96
9 Gwynver beach Cornwall 7.93
10 Long Sands North Tynemouth Tyne And Wear 7.90


Devon swept the dog-friendly beach awards ceremony, with a massive 22 of the total 148 destinations. Also known as ‘Mother Nature’s Playground’, the county is home to the most highly rated destinations to visit with your pup.

Pembrokeshire put up 20 of the beaches and this won’t surprise many. Surrounded by the sea on three sides, it’s no wonder the area has a wide array of wonderful beaches to explore on your next touring holiday with the pets.

Martin Smith, owner of Showers to You, commented: “The beach is synonymous with sunny UK weather, just like BBQs and pub gardens. Though for families, a trip to the beach requires some planning, especially if there is a pet in tow! 

“Being able to bring your furry friend to the beach with you means they get some exercise, and the healing properties of the salt water can improve their coat, restoring it to its natural shine.”

Photo credit: Pajor Pawel / Shutterstock