Up the romance in your leisure vehicle this Valentine’s Day

A couple embracing while sitting on the doorstep to a camper van

Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us and your caravan or motorhome could be your greatest asset in the pursuit of romance this February 14th.

While reservations at exclusive restaurants are snapped up well in advance and traditional flowers and chocolates may seem like a cliche, your leisure vehicle is a great alternative.

It represents an escape from ordinary life, the chance to switch off from domestic chores and the freedom to enjoy each other’s company. What could be more romantic than that?

Whether you have a few days available to celebrate Valentine’s or just an evening – the holiday falls somewhat unhelpfully on a Wednesday this year – put your caravan or motorhome to good use.

Return to a meaningful spot

The most romantic gestures are those that are meaningful and having a leisure vehicle at your disposal makes it fairly easy to be spontaneous.

Plan a trip to return to a place you’ve visited in your caravan or motorhome before and really loved or one where things didn’t go to plan, but it turned out to be memorable.

Perhaps you got married at a beautiful country house and there’s a campsite just down the road. Pitch up and walk around the grounds to relive your big day.

Dinner date on the drive

We know the drill – you’ve got an early meeting in the morning and your other half is heading off to a conference, so your Valentine’s plans need to be low-key.

Organise a simple meal you can cook in the caravan or even order in, then light a few candles, drape some fairy lights around the interior and crank up the on-the-road playlist.

While you might not have the time to go far, the physical separation from the house and all its domestic chores crying out to be done will allow you to focus on each other.

Secret hiding place

If you’ve got a romantic gift planned for Valentine’s Day, then the motorhome could be the perfect place to hide it until the big day.

After all, how likely is it that your significant other will venture into the cupboard above the sofa in your leisure vehicle between now and then?

You could even organise a little treasure hunt for your partner to find the gift on February 14th, making it as simple or as elaborate as you like.

Harness the power of anticipation

Having something to look forward to can make things even more special, especially at this time of the year and when Valentine’s Day falls on a Wednesday.

Show your other half you haven’t forgotten about the occasion, but delay the celebrations until you’ve got time to truly enjoy it.

This could mean booking a romantic getaway for later on in the year or planning an extravagant add-on to an existing campervan trip that can only be justified as a gift.





Photo credit: Unsplash/Joeyy Lee