Travel advice worth ignoring

A motorhome against a sunset backdrop

It seems like everybody has wisdom to impart for your upcoming caravan or motorhome trip, but which travel advice is worth taking and what tips are best ignored?

The International Drivers Association has put together a list of things you’ve probably been told in the past but can lead to missing out on memorable experiences.

Don’t talk to strangers

This is advice that’s been handed out to most people since they were children, but anyone who has pitched up at a friendly campsite and got to know their neighbours will understand that talking to strangers is all part of the experience.

Stick to the plan

Planning some of your trip and perhaps booking a campsite for the first night is often a good idea, but part of the joy of owning a leisure vehicle is being open to spontaneity. If you’re not as enamoured with an area as you thought you’d be or get a tip from a local, it’s time to embrace the unknown.

Pack for all eventualities

While having a caravan or motorhome likely allows you to bring more luggage and ‘just in case’ items than flying to your destination, it doesn’t mean you should bring everything. Unless you’re going well off the beaten track, it still pays to pack sensibly and not overfill your living space.

Stick to the tourist route

It’s true that many tourist sites are popular because they’re beautiful and there’s lots to see, but often the most charming experiences happen when you get off the beaten path. Julianna Marshall, travel expert at the International Drivers Association, said: “Maintaining a balance between famous sites and local secrets can provide a well-rounded travel experience.”

Book everything in advance

Increasingly, there’s a need to book top sights in advance or risk not getting a chance to see the Sagrada Familia or the Alhambra. This advice also goes for reservations at high-profile restaurants, but it can leave you rushing around on your holiday trying to honour these time slots and leave you closed to other experiences.

Don’t travel alone

The idea of a solo trip can seem daunting, but can lead to some of the best experiences. Without the need to consult anyone else, holidays without a companion can be empowering and allow you to see everything you want to see. Take some precautions to stay safe and be open to meeting people along the way.

The International Drivers Association can help facilitate travel to more than 150 countries with its International Drivers Permit. This document should not be used instead of your native driver’s licence but in addition to it.


Photo credit: Unsplash/Kristaps Ungurs