The top ten caravan gadgets

A power generator is a popular gadget amongst caravanners

What kind of equipment defines the 21st century caravanner?

We at Caravan Times put our heads together to debate the top ten gadgets we’d like on our next caravan holiday. From the cheap and cheerful to the virtually indestructible, it’s everything you don’t need but secretly would like to take with you…

1. Reich Motor Mover

Parking a caravan in a tight space is never for the faint-hearted. Enter the “motor mover”, a power plant fitted to the chassis of the caravan for moving it remotely. There are various ways to attach it to the wheels but the end result is remote-control operation. Mark from Caravan Movers Online believes it “saves clutch wear on your car if you’re regularly parking on a driveway”. We like the thought of playing Scalextric with a twenty foot caravan.

Where? Caravan Movers Online provides an excellent selection for all budgets and offer free installation on the Reich Move Control Compact. 0845 46 36 175.

How much? £1235.00

2. Super Solar Shower

If your shower breaks down and you’re nowhere near park facilities the potential for body odour increases.

The Super Solar Shower puts paid to this through harnessing the energy of the sun’s rays to heat water. You fill the bag with water, place it flat and wait for the sun to do its work. Three hours later hang the Solar Shower from the side of your caravan, turn the pressure valve, and make sure you’re not in plain view of others…

Where? Argos (www.argos.co.uk) and Amazon (www.amazon.co.uk) both offer the Solar Shower for under £10.

How much? £10.00

3. Coleman Fold N’ Go

This extremely tough portable stove also happens to be packaged in a clever folding design with a locking handle for ease of transport. Coleman is renowned for building durable outdoor products and the PerfectFlow system ensures cooking at extreme conditions and high altitudes. You need never miss your cooked breakfast again.

Where? Cotswold Outdoor (www.cotswoldoutdoor.com)

How much? £70.00

4. Lafuma RSXA Garden Chair

A chair based on NASA’s recommended reclining position? Lafuma have answered the question with the RSXA Garden chair designed to reduce muscle tension and pressure on the spine. Perfect for unfolding at a campsite and watching the world go by, you can do so safe in the knowledge that the Lafuma has got your back.

Where? Lafuma (www.lafuma.co.uk)

How much? £120.00

5. Land Rover S1 Phone

Mobiles and the great outdoors. Never the twain shall meet? Land Rover teamed up with mobile makers Sonim to create the indestructible phone. Dropped from a tall building, roasted in an oven, run over by a Land Rover itself and stomped on by an elephant, it still worked. Despite a 3-year guarantee, Caravan Times does not recommend reversing your outfit over the Land Rover S1.

Where? Tesco Mobile Phones (www.tescocontractmobilephones.com)

How much? Starting from £20 a month with free handset

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