National Dog Day: Driving safely with your best friend

Many people around the world will say their dog is their best friend. Our canine companions accompany us on all of our leisure vehicle adventures, so travelling with our pups in tow is often a given for touring holidays.

This bank holiday weekend holds an extra surprise – National Dog Day falls on Saturday 26th August, which means plenty of drivers will be bringing their dogs along for one last caravan or motorhome outing before the summer ends.

Yet drivers risk a fine of up to £5,000 for not properly securing their dogs while driving. If you’re caught for this, there’s also the possibility of nine points on your licence and invalidated insurance.

With that in mind, the experts at Select Van Leasing have compiled a list of the safest ways your pooch can join your next adventure, whether that’s up front alongside you or in a dedicated cage in the back.

Dog seatbelt

A dog seatbelt should be at the top of your priority list if you plan on travelling with your pup on the seats. It will keep them securely in place and prevent them from causing any distractions to you while driving.

It works exactly like a normal seatbelt would, with an end that plugs into the buckle and another that clips around the ring of your dog’s harness. Speaking of which…


Many dog owners have made the switch from a collar and lead to a harness, which won’t choke or cause any damage to your pup when you attempt to gently pull it along.

Similarly, in your vehicle, the harness fits safely around the dog’s chest and neck, with padding built into the front, and has a D ring on the back for a seat belt to be clipped on. This means your pooch will stay in place without causing any pain to its neck.

Dog seat/carrier

For smaller pups, a dog seat/carrier offers a cosy and confined space. This can be used in conjunction with a seat belt and harness, but also works well for more nervous pooches that need their own space to feel comfortable on a journey.

Dog crate/cage

If there’s no room for your canine companion to sit with you, there’s another option that allows your dog to travel safely in the back. Much like a crate that you might have in your house, you can purchase a crash-tested and crush-proof version for your leisure vehicle that can be securely fixed to the back of your van.

Photo credit: Özgür / Pexels