Insure your caravan for a stress-free holiday

The year 2009 has seen a record number of caravan users in the UK. British holidaymakers who would have taken trips abroad have opted for ‘staycations’ as a result of the global credit crunch.

Around 20% of holidays taken in the UK will be caravan breaks – that’s over 2 million holidaymakers looking to hitch and tow.
Yet insurer Towergate conducted a study two years ago in which it found that 27% of owners don’t bother to insure their caravans. This is despite the fact that one in ten caravanners made a claim over the last three years. And of those who claimed, 75% claimed for accidental damage.

Many caravan owners are aware that insurance is not compulsory. Yet an attempt to save money in the short term could prove costly. While some owners bank on being able to afford theft or damage costs, damage to another vehicle or property could leave them liable for huge costs.

Dave Sheath, MD of caravan insurers Towergate Bakers, commented “Not only can some of the top of the range caravans set you back well over £20,000 if they are stolen, the damage you can cause to third parties can be enormous.”

Taking out caravan insurance can be as confusing as any other market however. With a myriad of insurance policies on offer, choosing the right cover can be a daunting process.

Above all with the rise in casual users of caravans it has become vital that these holidaymakers ensure they are correctly insured for the type of trip they are taking.

We asked the Association of British Insurers whether it is becoming more important for people to double check their insurance policy before setting off.

A spokesperson for the ABI explained ‘Yes it is. If you are talking about people on holiday and taking luggage with them to a campsite for example, it is important to ensure that their contents policy covers them for loss of possession outside of the home.”

Unfortunately for caravan users the problem of theft will only increase as more take to the roads. With around 1600 stolen each year, reports suggest police logs contain almost 10,000 unsolved caravan thefts. Insurance may be another cost to your holiday, yet in the long run it may prove money well spent if the worst happens.

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