Improve your manoeuvres with the Camping and Caravan Club

An instructor demonstrating how to hitch a caravan

While the Camping and Caravan Club is well known for its campsites, there are a wide range of other offerings members and non-members can take advantage of.

For example, the Club runs caravan and motorhome manoeuvring courses throughout the year to help leisure vehicle owners become more confident.

Between February and September, there are 15 courses taking place at the Club’s headquarters in Coventry.

Whether you’re experienced at towing a caravan or new to driving a motorhome, there are courses pitched at different levels and to improve a variety of skills.

Courses on offer

Read through the selection of courses to decide which best describes the sort of training you require.

Confidence Builder

Designed with new caravanners in mind, the Confidence Builder shows participants how to load, level, hitch and unhitch a caravan safely.

Consisting of a classroom session, followed by one-to-one tuition on the road with an instructor, it’s perfect for beginners.

Member price: £170

Non-member price: £195

Course dates: March 16th and 17th; April 1st, 13th and 14th; May 11th and 12th; August 24th, 25th and 26th.

Pitch and Progress

More experienced caravanners may wish to sign up for Pitch and Progress to take your skills to the next level.

Participants will learn about narrow roads, country lanes and motorway or dual carriageway driving alongside some off-road exercises, including reversing into a pitch at a local campsite.

Member price: £190

Non-member price: £215

Course dates: February 24th and 25th; March 23rd and 24th; April 21st; June 1st and 2nd.

Two-Day Course

Combining the Confidence Builder on day one and Pitch and Progress on day two, this intensive course teaches you everything you need to know about towing and pitching.

Stay overnight at nearby Kingsbury Water Park Club Site with a 25 per cent discount on a pitch.

Member price: £360

Non-member price: £410

Course dates: March 2nd to 3rd and 30th to 31st; April 27th to 28th; July 27th to 28th; August 10th to 11th.

Motorhome Manoeuvres

Driving a larger vehicle like a motorhome comes with a number of implications and this course can benefit both new and experienced owners.

Learn how to load and reverse your motorhome confidently and have a one-to-one on-the-road session with an instructor.

Member price: £175

Non-member price: £200

Course dates: March 9th and 10th; May 4th, 5th and 6th; September 28th and 29th.

Fliss Spink, lead instructor, said: “Club courses help hundreds of people every year to brush up their knowledge and boost their confidence so they can go away with the skills they need.

“The courses are designed with real life situations in mind and there are practical exercises to take part in – there’s a bit of time spent in the classroom, but time is also dedicated to one-on-one learning with our friendly and helpful instructors.”

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Photo credit: Alisdair Cusick