How to prepare for your Easter caravan trip

Man adjusting his awning

After the Camping and Caravan Club announced Easter bookings were up by a third this year compared to 2019, there’s a good chance many of you will be preparing to get away.

While the traditional start of the touring season will be a return to the caravan lifestyle for some, it may be the beginning of a new type of adventure for others.

If you fall into the latter category, then here are a few pointers to ensure your Easter caravan trip runs as smoothly as possible.


Read up on rules of the road for towing a caravan, including speed limits, as many people don’t realise these apply.

Plan your route, taking into consideration the types of road you’ll be driving on and leave enough time to arrive while it’s still light.

Complete a test run in your car with your caravan attached, as this will help you to better understand handling, the size of your van and even things like hitching the two vehicles together.

Understand your caravan

If you’ve got an awning, make sure the pitch you’ve booked will accommodate it.

Get to know how your toilet facilities work, which chemicals are required and how to empty them at your chosen site.

Carry out safety checks on your caravan to ensure everything is in working order before you set off.


Divide up the storage spaces within your caravan and let each member of the family know which is theirs, so they can pack accordingly.

Equip your caravan with a fire blanket, fire extinguisher and first aid box to ensure you’re ready for any emergencies.

Kit your caravan out with the essentials, such as its own condiments, toilet paper and cleaning products, which can stay in the handy storage areas for the whole season, saving the need to repack for each trip.

Don’t forget the Easter eggs! Caravan parks can be great places to hold egg hunts for kids, letting them explore their surroundings and make friends with other children.

Wet weather preparation

Pack wet weather activities, such as board games and books, because forecasts can change and staying cosy in your van can still be fun, even if it’s raining outside.

Think about how wet kit will be dealt with inside your caravan. It can be a good idea to pack a plastic box or two to put wellies and coats in so they don’t soak the whole van.

Get yourself a step and a doormat to make getting in and out as easy as possible, as well as helping to limit damage from muddy feet or paws.



Photo credit: Pexels/Kampus Production