Safety checks to perform on caravans after winter storage

Checking a caravan tyre

It’s an exciting prospect to start thinking about taking your touring caravan out of winter storage and prepping it for the coming season.

There’s all sorts of tasks that need to be completed before taking to the open road in your leisure vehicle, with everything from giving it a good spring clean to restocking the cupboards on your to do list.

It’s also vital not to overlook safety checks, with caravan and motorhome dealership Salop Leisure reminding owners to ensure they’re safe before undertaking any holidays.

Andrew Davis, assistant aftersales manager at Salop Leisure, said: “If a touring caravan has been stored in the same place for a long time and not been moved occasionally, it’s possible that the tyres will bulge and then crack when inflated.

“In addition, over the years, the company has come across a range of common problems relating to the storage of touring caravans, including issues with the leisure batteries and spiders and other insects blocking gas and water pipes.”

He added that such issues could be even more pronounced this spring, as some owners have barely used their caravans during the pandemic, making checks all the more important.

Preparing for the new season well in advance, getting your caravan serviced and ticking off everything on this checklist should help to ensure a safe and happy holiday.

  • Check your brakes haven’t seized
  • Grease the hitch, hand brake and brake override
  • Check your tyres’ tread depth
  • Look for any cracks or splits in your tyres
  • Check tyre pressures
  • Inspect your road lights, including the bulbs and lenses
  • Ascertain the condition of your gas system, including the hose that connects to the bottle
  • Reconnect the battery after cleaning the contacts and then test it works
  • Reconnect the water system and sterilise it