Honeymoon mistakes not to make

Couple standing next to a motorhome as the sun sets

Honeymoons come in all shapes and sizes, and if you’re an outdoors-loving couple then getting away post-wedding in a caravan or campervan might be the perfect way to start married life.

That’s only if you don’t fall into some common honeymoon traps, however. Luckily, the experts at StressFreeCarRental.com are here to steer you in the right direction.

John Charnock, the company’s CEO, said: “Your honeymoon is the trip of a lifetime so you want everything to run smoothly and according to plan.

 “While you’re booking your honeymoon it’s likely that you’ll also be planning your wedding which means you have a million and one things to think about.

“Unfortunately this means a lot of couples end up making some mistakes when it comes to booking their honeymoon.

Not checking the season

Since it’s your honeymoon, there’s a good chance you might be going further afield than you would on a regular holiday and that can mean exotic climates.

Check what sort of weather you can expect for the time of year before making your holiday plans and then have another look at the forecast closer to your departure date for any unseasonable changes.

Relying solely on social media for recommendations

Even if your caravan or motorhome makes you pretty much self-sufficient in terms of a shower and kitchen, you still want the facilities at your campsite to be up to scratch.

Don’t just assume that the pictures and videos you see on social media are an accurate portrayal of campsites or local restaurants. Back up your choices with independent research.

Not booking adult-only sites

Adult-only campsites are a great idea for your honeymoon, as they set the mood in a way that parks full of families just can’t.

Many adult-only sites have great facilities and amenities that are high-quality and will make your honeymoon extra special.


After the excitement of the wedding and all the preparations leading up to it, you shouldn’t overplan your honeymoon and instead spend time being spontaneous with your new spouse.

There’s a sweet spot between putting together an itinerary to use your time effectively and leaving some time free to relax as newlyweds.

Forgetting your marriage documents

Name changes, passports and other documents can get overlooked in the wake of your wedding, so be sure to bring a copy of your marriage certificate to clear up any discrepancies.

It can also be flashed in the hope of an upgrade to any experiences or special activities you’ve booked as part of your honeymoon.



Photo credit: Unsplash/Rota Alternativa