George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces to take on the Vintage Mobile Cinema

A cinema that you can ride

by Ruchi Srivastava

The next episode of George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces on Channel 4 will be very interesting to any avid motorhome fan who likes a bit of history along with their vehicles.

Airing on Thursday, (5 December) at 8pm, the show will be featuring what is probably the most interesting cinema in the UK.

Intrigued yet? So in order to further entice you, let’s just say that George’s show, which is known for pushing the boundaries of innovative vehicles, will be displaying a motorhome that is also a unique and historic cinema.

The Vintage Mobile Cinema offers you the rare chance of experiencing an unforgettable movie session that can only take place within the four walls of this cinema.

Originally built as one of seven units, the Vintage Mobile Cinema was designed for the British government in the late 1960s, as a means of promoting the British industry.

Unfortunately, the six other mobile cinemas appear to have vanished into thin air, rather like something out of a movie, leaving behind this one-of-a-kind travelling vehicle, which symbolises a blend of British culture and motorhome history.

The present-day motorhome is a careful amalgamation of the original design of the Mobile Cinema along with current standards of passenger safety.

Hills Body Works has been instrumental in the present design of the motorhome, as they helped in recreating the exterior.

Appearance and description

The inside of the Mobile Cinema contains a 22-seat theatre that is fully equipped with surround-sound, classy upholstery and climate control.

Situated at the rear of the vehicle, this extraordinary theatre puts the comfort of its audience first.

This is evident from the format of the seating arrangement, which is tiered to allow each viewer to enjoy their movie watching experience.

At the same time, the audience is promised a complete cinematic experience, as films are shown in high definition (HD), ensuring that the audience gets the authentic cinema experience.

The experience is further heightened by the Dolby 7:1 sound-surround system that provides the audience with the clearest audio clarity.

The motorhome is run by two fully trained members of staff to provide complete customer satisfaction, as they take care of technical issues as well as audience management.

Although based in South-West England, the Vintage Mobile cinema is also available for hire and is more than happy to offer advice on how to utilise the motorhome to its maximum potential for different events.

So whether you think it’s odd, weird or wonderful, tune into the Amazing Spaces on Channel 4 on Thursday night to find out more.

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