Five of the best 2011 caravans for winter caravanning

Good winter caravanning need not break the bank

by Holly Tribe

Winterability. It’s the word on every caravanners mind at this time of year. Packing up, servicing and storing a caravan over the winter months is an arduous process. But the onset of sub zero temperatures and long winter nights doesn’t necessarily mean you have to banish your caravan into storage until Spring.

Caravan manufacturers have been listening to customers who want to tour in all seasons of the year, and have made some significant design improvements to make caravanning through the winter a more pleasurable experience.

Keeping warm in winter

There’s been plenty of talk from the industry about Grade 3 thermal insulation in recent months. Big ticket manufacturers with new 2011 models have made much in the caravan press about achieving Grade III Thermal Insulation and Heating classification – but what does this mean?

In short it means each caravan to attain Grade III status has been cold chamber tested and can maintain an internal temperature of 20 degrees even when it reaches -15 degrees outside.

With the winter weather drawing in we take a look at some of the most thermally efficient caravans on the market to keep you caravanning throughout the winter months. All the following caravans have certified NCC EN1645-1 Thermal Insulation and Heating – Grade 3 classification.

We looked at all caravans on sale today in the UK and chose five models across all price brackets. Our list features popular tourers from Bailey Caravans, Buccaneer Caravans, Elddis Caravans and Swift Caravans, as well as an entry-level model which may surprise readers.

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