Find the perfect Christmas present for caravan enthusiasts

We help take the sting out of this year's Christmas shopping

by Holly Tribe

If you’ve been scratching your head in recent weeks over what to buy friends or family members who are caravan-mad, help is at hand.

Finding the perfect Christmas present can mean fighting your way through crowds of shoppers on the high street or navigating a labyrinthine network of online store, which all takes time and patience.

In a bid to help with your battle with the Christmas crowds, we’ve had a good trawl through some of the darker recesses of the World Wide Web and uncovered some top presents perfect for the caravan enthusiast.

Roadmaster reversing camera kit

A great bit of kit for caravanners, this gadget from Roadmaster helps the driver see what’s behind them when reversing. No matter how big the outfit, the wide angle viewing on the camera helps avoids accidents. The camera transmits video to a monitor mounted on the visor or dashboard, and the wireless system can be easily packed away from prying eyes.

Elddis toy caravan

While toy cars are traditionally targeted at youngsters, most of us know a few full grown kids who love miniature models. And Elddis fans in particular need never be parted from their pride and joy again with this pocket sized Elddis Crusader toy caravan and Mercedes towcar combo.

  • Price: £3.99
  • Where can I buy it? Ebay

Snooper My Speed

If you’ve ever been driving and spotted a brief flash followed by that sinking feeling and a letter in the post, then you may appreciate this next item. The My Speed gadget from speed camera detector specialists Snooper displays and alerts you to speed limits. In addition the device covers Western Europe so you can avoid being caught out abroad.

Novelty caravan T-shirts

Novelty T-Shirt producers Jumper Lumps have a range of amusing logos which should raise a chuckle from fellow caravanners when you’re out and about on site. Examples of their amushing slogans include: ‘Life’s a pitch’, ‘I hate Jeremy Clarkson’, and ‘Pulling power’.

Caravan bird box

Lovers of vintage ‘vanning will be charmed by this rustic model caravan bird box. Measuring approximately 23 x 13 x 15cm with a 3cm bird entrance it’s a great way to introduce kids to world of ornithology and makes a great accessory for the garden.

Awning heater

Caravanners who like to enjoy their hobby all year round will love this portable fan heater. Ideal for heating caravan awnings (where electric hook-up is available) it folds flat for easy storage.