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Europe in two weeks with the Adamo 75-4I: part 2

Hi! We’re Laura and Rodrigo, a Spanish and Portuguese couple who have been living in the UK for over ten years. For our summer holiday this season, we had our hearts set on visiting somewhere warm, but we were also looking to try something new.

So, we had a fantastic idea: a motorhome road trip through some of the most iconic places on the continent. We’ve been on car and motorbike road trips before, but this would be our first ever motorhome tour.

Bailey of Bristol gave us the Adamo 75-4I to drive across the continent on our tour. With its Ford 2.0 litre, 160 bph engine, we were really lucky to get the chance to take it on an adventure.

We’re very excited to share our experience with you, including our feelings about driving the Adamo through some amazing countries, including France, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Germany and Belgium. In part one, we covered our first four days, touring from the UK to Lake Como.

Day five: Bellagio to Sirmione (Lake Garda)

From one iconic lake to another, our next destination was Lago di Garda. Here, we stopped at Camping Sirmione, our first campsite, on a beautiful summer day. We couldn’t wait to get into the water, so the very first thing we did on arrival was jump into the pool!


Sirmione, Italy


After catching a few rays, we cycled into Sirmione, a delightful town surrounded by turquoise waters and a medieval castle, to get our hands on some high-quality, fresh meat for our first barbecue of the adventure.

We also managed to finally make a long-awaited espresso coffee with an electric hook-up. Then, we slept, woke up, packed and hit the road.


Day six: the road to Venice

Venice is a tourist hotspot throughout the entire year, but when we visited, it felt a little less crowded than expected. The weather was phenomenal. We thought it must have been the ideal time to come and admire the canals.

Making our way there in the motorhome was easy enough. There was a large bridge connecting the mainland to Venice, but a decision was to be made on whether or not we should take the Adamo into the city or park it just outside.


Tronchetto car park, Venice


Luckily, there was a car park inside the city that was big enough for caravans and motorhomes. The Tronchetto car park cost €25 (£21) for a 24-hour stay. This meant no electricity or running water, but we were prepared for this.

A few hours of walking and exploring later, we enjoyed a relaxing dinner before heading back to the motorhome. This took us longer than expected, as the last monorail was at 22.50 and we missed it, which resulted in a bit of a trek.


Venice, Italy


The following morning, we went back to town on the lookout for a Venetian mask, as well as to visit some of the most iconic spots and experiences. For anyone planning a trip to Venice, the cost of a private gondola is roughly €80 (£69) for 20 to 30 minutes.

Although not exactly the same, the traghetto ferry service costs €2 (£1.71) and takes you across the river. It may not be the romantic experience you expected, but if you want to save a bit of money, it’s good enough to snap that famous picture.


Days seven to nine: Italy to Croatia




Travelling from Venice to Pula, Croatia was one of the longest single journeys we embarked on throughout the whole trip. Initially, we’d planned to stop in Slovenia in between, but the clear waters of the Adriatic Sea felt irresistible by this point.

We made our way through magical scenery to Pula, situated on the Istrian coast and well-known for its Roman ruins and amphitheatre, as well as local wineries and seafood.


Arena Stoja Campsite, Pula, Croatia


Spending two nights in town at the Arena Stoja Campsite, we were lucky enough to find an amazing spot along the beach and woke up to a magnificent sunrise each morning. To cook and eat just metres away from the crystal clear water was a great feeling.

Cycling around the coastline led us to some unbelievable hidden beaches and sea caves, whilst enjoying a walk around Pula city before a seafood dinner wasn’t too bad either.


Pula, Croatia


After a couple of relaxing days, we packed up and headed up to Plitvice Lakes National Park, with the drive encompassing the Istrian Peninsula and Kvaner Bay. Here, we were faced with some of the windiest roads of the entire holiday.

We arrived at Campsite Borje late in the evening and quickly settled down after a shower and a nice dinner inside the motorhome. 

For those also heading to the National Park, we’d strongly recommend reserving tickets online to avoid long queues when you get there.


Borje Campsite, Croatia


Days ten to 12: Plitvice to Cres

Plitvice Lakes National Park is the largest in Croatia and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Undoubtedly, we didn’t want to miss this on our trip.

Parking here was easy, with an entrance specifically designed for motorhomes. It was a bit pricey, but we’d still recommend staying there, as it was so close and very safe.


Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia


The park has various routes to walk around and see the waterfalls, although we found the directions rather unclear! If you choose route H, you can see the entire park on a downhill path. Alternatively, route B+E is exactly the same, but in the opposite direction. In our humble opinion, this is the best route, as you’ll be facing the impressive waterfalls as you walk. The entire trek is approximately four to five hours.


Ferry to Cres, Croatia


Following our time in the mountains and the beautiful blue lakes, we got ready for another long drive and another ferry, this time to the beautiful island of Cres. More precisely, we were en route to Camping Kovacine, a large family campsite just five minutes from the centre of Cres.

The campsite was huge, surrounded by crystal clear waters and amazing beaches. Our three days spent here were full of cycling, walking around the town, snorkelling, diving and paddleboarding in the ocean. 


Camping Kovacine, Cres, Croatia


One place we’d truly recommend for anyone visiting the area is Pizzeria Palada. This restaurant is frequented by locals and regular tourists, and the food was spectacular. We couldn’t have asked for a better few days in Croatia.

Stay tuned for our third and final part next week!