Caravan sites, gadgets and accessories for pets

We round up the gadgets and accessories to keep your pets happy

by Holly Tribe

For many, caravanning without their faithful canine friends is tantamount to leaving a member of the family at home – holidays just wouldn’t be the same without them.

But not all caravan sites are pet friendly, and concerned neighbours may not be as enamoured with your travelling companion as you’d like them to be.

Caravan parks often stipulate certain rules to protect the enjoyment of all holidaymakers. The Caravan Club asks for dogs to be tethered to a lead no longer than 3 metres. However, different parks will have different rules, so it’s always worth checking before you set off. One of our readers recently pointed out an amusing sign at one his favourite caravan sites which read “Dog’s welcome. Children must be kept on a lead”!

Responsible dog owners who abide by the caravan parks’ canine policy shouldn’t be penalised for the small number who let their hounds run amok. So, for all dog lovers out there Caravan Times have compiled a few pet friendly sites and services that can help make your canine’s holiday a happy one.

Pet accessories

Road Refresher is the latest innovation from Prestige Pets, and lays claim to be the worlds best selling ‘Non Spill’ pet water bowl. It’s a nifty devise that lets you put down a water bowl for your dog while in transit without spilling the contents and making a mess of the upholstery. You can transport your pooch and, no matter how bumpy the road or how fast you drive, your dog can arrive refreshed and happy.

Any dog owner will be familiar with the regular chore of removing dog hairs from car seats. This nifty pet hammock seat protector could be a useful solution. It’s a simple design which fits easily over the seats of your vehicle by looping through the rear and front car headrests. The benefit is protection for your upholstery from claw marks and fur detritus. Available in black heavy duty waterproof nylon, the hammock also helps prevent stains caused by any small accidents that might have occurred along way.

Looking for somewhere to stay?

‘Dog Friendly Britain’ has a search facility on their website www.dogfriendlybritain.co.uk that let’s users search for dog friendly camping and caravanning sites across the UK; search results displayed per county.

Trevornick Holiday Park in Cornwall is a beautiful dog friendly site near Newquay in Cornwall. Situated just five minutes walk from the dog friendly Holywell beach where dog owners are welcome to let their pets explore the coastline – just don’t forget to pick up after them!

The ultimate in doggy luxury

For the ultimate in doggy luxury, check out the Airstream 648. The stylish ‘silver bullet’ caravan design includes an impressive array of features including an external shower – perfect for washing muddy paws after an afternoon exploring the countryside.

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