Banish mosquitoes from your leisure vehicle this summer

A woman sitting in her campervan with the side door open

The summer months are a great time to go exploring in your caravan or motorhome, but with the warmer temperatures also come mosquitoes.

Anyone who has tried to sleep in the confines of a leisure vehicle with the buzzing of even a single mosquito inside will know it’s infuriating.

It’s important to protect yourself from bites from both a health and comfort point of view, which means banishing mosquitoes from your caravan or motorhome this summer.

With this in mind, WinstonsBeds.com has shared some of its top tips for keeping mosquitoes at bay when you’re sleeping, while the CaravanTimes team also imparts some of its expertise.

Rebecca Swain, expert at the company said: “Mosquito bites on holiday can be a real pain but it’s important to remember not to itch them or else they can become infected.

 “Mosquitoes are attracted to a range of things that are out of our control such as sweat and blood type. However there are a few things you can do to try and deter mosquitos away from your body in general.”

Avoid certain strong scents

There are a number of strong scents that are appealing to mosquitoes, so avoid perfumed body lotions before bed.

Also, remove the air freshener from the cab of your motorhome, as it may be welcoming the critters in.

Try lavender and citronella instead

Other fragrances, like lavender and citronella, actually work as a natural mosquito repellent, so you can use these liberally.

Applying lavender oil to your wrists or the windows around your caravan can work well, while burning a citronella candle under your awning can protect you in the evenings.

Keep your leisure vehicle cool

A cool environment can be conducive to sleeping in the summer months and has the added benefit of deterring mosquitoes.

It may be worth investing in an air conditioning unit from the likes of Truma, DualClima or Teleair if your caravan or motorhome isn’t already fitted with one.

Turn off lights if your windows are open

If cooling your leisure vehicle is less high-tech and requires you to open the windows, make sure you don’t leave the lights on, as mosquitoes are attracted to them.

Installing some mesh over the windows can help to keep mosquitoes and other bugs out if you know you’re going to require added ventilation.

Wear long-sleeved clothing

Whether you’re sitting out under your awning in the evening or tucked up in bed at night, wearing long sleeves and full leg trousers is a good preventative measure.

In warm climates this can feel unnatural, so it’s worth buying lightweight, breathable items that mean you won’t be too hot.

Use a motorhome mosquito net

Unlike traditional mosquito nets that are positioned over the bed, options for motorhomes often fasten over the door to protect the whole vehicle.

Some of these fly screens are designed to allow humans access, but snap shut behind you, minimising the chances of mosquitoes and bugs getting in.


Photo credit: Unsplash/Tom Allport