VIDEO: Bailey Caravans explains Alu-Tech construction (Part Two)

Simon Howard offers insight into the future of Bailey

In the first edition of our two-part look at the new range of Bailey Caravans, we speak to Simon Howard about the technology behind the Pegasus and Olympus. It was in the autumn of 2009 that the Pegasus made its debut, with Bailey fans curious about the pioneering technology underneath the skin called Alu-Tech.

Developed by Bailey in Bristol after an intensive research and development period, it incorporates a system whereby the individual body shell components contribute to the overall strength (rather than traditionally relying on the floor and chassis). Furthermore the other main benefit is to reduce the opportunity for water to enter the structure.

In this edition Caravan Times hears from Bailey marketing director Simon Howard about the rigorous testing each caravan undergoes, and we get a sneak preview into the future of Bailey itself.

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