Truma At The NEC- iNet And System Automation

See the iNet System from Truma this week at the NEC

By William Coleman

Nowadays it seems as though the most advanced technology on the planet is available to everyone no matter where they are thanks to smartphone. Automation and advance tech has now found its way into caravans all thanks to the big brains working at Truma. How do they use their systems to make your life easier?

At home you can have a speaker that recognises your voice and will order you something from Amazon, you have a phone that record 4K footage and send it to a friend in a split second and you can even turn on a car without using a key. Gone are the days where you have to wait for weekend paper to see what was on at the cinema or buy a magazine to see what films are on Friday night.

So as technology evolves we are seeing the benefits in the caravan world. Certain companies, like Truma, are the front runners in making sure your caravan is up to date with all the mod cons to make your holiday time more comfortable.

Truma believe in automation and with this in mind they have developed several systems and apps that all work together to keep you living in comfort and luxury.

With their iNet System you can be fully automated and controll your on bored heating while you are out and about. So if it has been a particularly cold day out you can send a text message to and get the van toasty warm before you arrive. Nobody wants to sit and wait for the van to warm in the winter months.

Another great thing about Truma’s iNet System is that it is fully compatible with Alde systems so they are automative and cross brand compatible.

We caught up with Truma’s Managing Director, Martin Fitzpatrick, this week at the Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show to find out more about how Truma are bringing 21st century tech into leisure vehicles.