Preview video: new 2011 Swift Caravans models – Challenger, Conqueror, Sterling Eccles and Elite

We took a close look at the latest designs for 2011 from Swift Caravans

by Marcus Dubois

The full-length video review of the 2011 Swift Caravans is now available – click here to view.

Swift Caravans has launched its 2011 model line-up with a radical redesign of four of its popular ranges. Using 3D automotive technology Swift has created a new look for the Challenger and Conqueror which continues through the Sterling Eccles and Elite.

In our video feature we’ll take a closer look at the new design features of these four models, including a panoramic front sunroof on the exterior and new “wipe-clean” fabrics and wood finishes on the interior. In addition we’ll catch up with industry figures to hear more about the new 2011 Swift ranges.

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