PREVIEW: Bailey Caravans answer your questions about stone dents on Alu-Tech models

We spoke to Simon Howard of Bailey about the issue of stone dents

UPDATE: You can now click here to watch the full Talkback interview

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Recently our email and forums have been busy with readers commenting on whether road chippings and stones are causing cosmetic damage to the new Alu-Tech models from Bailey Caravans.

A number of Pegasus and Olympus owners have reported dents or chipping to the front of their caravans, caused by loose stones striking the aluminium. Initially Bailey reacted to this by increasing the thickness of the existing protective film applied to the front of Alu-Tech caravans. However some of our readers found this to be insufficient, and have asked for Bailey to clarify their position on the issue of stone dents.

Click below for a preview of the latest edition of Talkback, where our editor Marcus Dubois posed your questions about cosmetic damage in an exclusive interview with Bailey marketing director Simon Howard. To share your thoughts on the video or comment on the issues discussed click here for our forum topic.

You can see the full edition of Talkback on Friday 9th July at

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