Caravan Salon- Oyster On The Salon And Continental TV Touring

We catch up with Oyster at the Dusseldorf Caravan Salon

By William Coleman

CaravanTimes are a big advocate or continental touring, so much so that we’ve travelled to the Caravan Salon in Dusseldorf to speak with Julian Preston, from Oyster Sat Tech, about how easy taking your TV abroad is and why people from the UK should travel to the Salon as part of their travels.

TV inside your motorhome or caravan used to be a bit of a nightmare, so much so that a lot of people used to do away with the whole idea. With Oyster’s sat systems it is as easy as pressing one button. After simply pressing one button on the remote you can be watching Eastenders or catching up with current affairs .

Oyster is actually a German company and Julian runs things in the UK. Having spent many years in Germany actually speaks fluent German and have been to the Salon many, many times. So while we were there we wanted to take the opportunity to get his opinion in the show, the tech on display and why more and more people are visiting from the UK.