Caravan And Motorhome Club Launches 2020 Driving Courses

mprove your licence and skill set with new CAMC courses

By William Coleman

For new caravanners and motorhomers, or those who feel they need a refresher in driving their leisure vehicles, the Caravan and Motorhome Club has launched its 2020 practical training courses across 13 locations in the UK. The Club is also delighted to launch its B+E training course in partnership with Go! Driving.

The Club has over 40 years’ experience running training courses that have been designed specifically to give tourers additional peace of mind before they head off on their adventure. Running from February to October, each training course provides helpful safety instructions and techniques. Sessions include:

  • Manoeuvring advice
  • Hitching and towing safely
  • Straightforward safety checks
  • Understanding the laws that affect caravanning and motorhoming
  • Practice in manoeuvring an outfit forwards and backwards
  • Understanding loading and how it affects towing

The training courses are split into: Practical Caravanning; Caravan Manoeuvring; and Motorhome Manoeuvring. The caravan and motorhome manoeuvring courses both take under seven hours, whilst the Practical Caravan Manoeuvring course for people who are completely new to caravanning is completed within 10 hours split over two days.

The Practical Caravanning Course was devised in co-operation with the Road Transport Industry Training Board. Each training centre is staffed by expert instructors and the courses are designed to be as enjoyable as they are informative.

Harvey Alexander, director of marketing at the Caravan and Motorhome Club said; “We are delighted to be able to offer these important courses to tourers. The courses provide excellent value for money and mean that people have the confidence to relax and enjoy their touring adventure with real peace of mind.”

The courses are priced as follows:

  • Practical Caravanning Course – £185.00
  • Caravan Manoeuvring Course – £155.00
  • Motorhome Manoeuvring Course – £185.00

Participants also benefit from the opportunity to save five percent on Club caravan cover, motorhome insurance and car insurance for a new policy or at the next renewal – evidence of course completion is required. They also receive the Club’s Essential Guide to Touring for Free, which is jam-packed with plenty of useful information and normally costs £16.00.

The Club is also delighted to launch its B+E training course in partnership with Go! Driving. A category B+E driving licence entitles drivers to tow trailers with a maximum authorised mass of 3.5t, providing the gross train weight (vehicle, trailer and load combined) is no more than 7t.

Taking the B+E test is great for those with a Category B driving licence who passed their test on or after 1 January 1997. These individuals are limited to driving vehicles with up to eight passenger seats and a maximum authorised mass of 3.5t, plus a trailer up to 750kg.
Prices for one-day courses, including the B+E licence test, start at £440 plus VAT for members.

Club members can get these exclusive discounts off B+E training courses:

  • £25 off one-day courses
  • £50 off two-day courses
  • £100 off three-day courses