Bailey Orion

Bailey's fourth Alu-Tech series, the entry level Bailey Orion

The Bailey Orion is the fourth product line from Bailey Caravans to be built using the company’s pioneering Alu-Tech construction method.

Described as a “compact caravan range” by Bailey, it is the most affordable model in the Alu-Tech lineup and is broadly considered to be a replacement for the popular entry-level Bailey Ranger series of caravans.

Yet its DNA goes back further to the lightweight Discovery range of caravans from Bailey. The Bristol firm’s chief aim in constructing the Orion was to produce a caravan as light and rugged as the Discovery, but with the comprehensive specifications and interior of the limited edition Bailey Ranger GT60 series.

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Family-friendly caravans on a budget

The Orion series initially contains four layouts – from a two berth model (the 400-2) through two popular family layouts (the 430-4 and 440-4) to the top of the range five-berth caravan (the 450-5).

Bailey explains that the emphasis is on versatile and popular interior spaces, with a front lounge and end washroom in all models apart from the five-berth. As such, the traditional front gas locker space is is not available on the Orion in order to free up room for these layouts.

Instead the gas locker can be found above the axle of the caravan, which Bailey believes offers better weight distribution throughout. More floorspace is freed up by the adoption of the Whale underfloor heating system.

A new profile

The Orion is easily distinguished from its Alu-Tech siblings by its almost symmetrical side profile. The new curved rear end gives it a retro silhouette, yet it’s not just an aesthetic change. Bailey’s design team claims the aerodynamic shape significantly reduces drag and can cut fuel consumption by up to 8 per cent. Meanwhile a large picture window frames the front of the cabin.

From the inside, the curved roof line is found in spacious rear end washrooms on three of the models (the 450/5 has a bed arrangement at the rear). These all contain full height walk-in showers where headroom isn’t compromised.

Alu-Tech Construction for all

Following the widespread uptake of Bailey’s Alu-Tech ranges, the firm dropped their ‘classically constructed’ lines in favour of a 100% Alu-Tech model production line, and the Bailey Orion series makes the most of Bailey’s commitment to this new technology.

The bodyshell is constructed using an interlocking aluminium external framework that is clamped together to create a strong, enforced shell. Bailey has reduced the number of separate panels used in the build process from nine to five, and decreased the amount of joints and fixing points by 90% making these caravans more resistant to water ingress. Bailey offer a ten-year body shell integrity guarantee on all their Alu-Tech caravans.

Providing an affordable touring option for entry level ‘vanners. The Orion series offers all the advantages of an Alu-Tech built caravan with at a lower price level.

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