Vanmaster Caravans steps in to rescue Bentley Motorhomes

Vanmaster has added Bentley Motorhomes to its portfolio

by Chris Jefferies
Vanmaster Caravans has stepped in to rescue ailing motorhome manufacturer Bentley, in a move that promises to guarantee the immediate future of the Mexborough-based company.
Less than a month ago, we reported how Bentley Motorhomes was due to shut down, with falling sales being cited as the main reason.
However, Vanmaster has claimed that there is plenty of life in this brand yet, and the Wigan-based company has now acquired Bentley outright and plans to resume production within a few weeks.
Ian Thompson, managing director of Vanmaster, told CaravanTimes: “Bringing the two brands together under one umbrella is going to create many opportunities going forward, including sharing ideas between caravans and motorhomes.”
He believes that Bentley and Vanmaster customers are of a similar age and taste, and so the merger is a perfect fit.
What’s more, Vanmaster hopes to ensure that existing Bentley customers will have their warranties honoured.
Bentley is best known for its compact motorhome models, which are based on a Renault Traffic chassis and cab combination.
Such was the success of these models that the Bentley Indigo won the Caravan Club’s Motor Caravan Design and Drive Competition back in 2011.
However Vanmaster choose to proceed with their new brand, it’s great to see so many jobs saved and the continuation of a venerable name in British motorhomes.