Top tips for camping during the mini heatwave

Woman enjoying the sunshine outside her motorhome

There’s a mini heatwave on the way and it’s just in time to coincide with Easter camping trips. While warm temperatures sound more appealing than torrential downpours, it’s just as important to be prepared for the weather.

Whether you’re going to be spending nights under canvas or bedding down in your caravan or motorhome, Pitchup has some advice for prepping for the upcoming warm weather. As some parts of the UK will reach 20°C, here’s how to cope:

Don’t set up camp during the hottest part of the day

Plan your arrival on site to coincide with a cooler part of the day. Even if you’re not putting up a tent, setting up camp can be a hot and laborious job. If you’ve set off in the morning and it looks like you’re going to arrive around midday, consider stopping off for a long lunch on the way and arriving later in the afternoon.

Choose a shady spot

Take stock of your pitch and decide how to park your van in the shadiest place before putting your wheel chocks in place. This could mean taking advantage of any trees, walls or fences, as well as thinking about the direction of the sun at different times of the day.

Keep hydrated

Drinking plenty of water is a given during hot weather, but you can also boost your hydration with water-rich fruit and vegetables. If you’re camping in a tent, then cucumber, melon and strawberries are great ways to take in more liquid when you haven’t got a fridge at your disposal.

Pack summertime bedding

One of the most frustrating things to do during a heatwave is trying to sleep and there’s a good chance your van is still kitted out with your winter duvets. Replace them with cotton bedding for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Chill the eggs

And finally, be sure to put the Easter eggs somewhere cool. Nobody wants a pile of melted chocolate instead of beautiful oval eggs for the kids to find!