Top creature comforts Brits pack for holidays

A woman with a cup of tea and an open book inside a caravan

Going on holiday is supposed to be a time to relax, but what if you can’t sleep properly without your own pillow or you’re getting stressed because the tea just doesn’t taste the same?

The solutions to these issues are just some of the top items Brits pack when going on holiday, according to a new study from TUI.

It found that 49 per cent of Brits pack tea bags for a trip, which then opens up a whole load of questions around accommodation and whether it’ll have a kettle or not.

Supplying a kettle as standard is a British thing and alternative ways to boil water for the aforementioned tea bags often need to be found.

Some 11 per cent sidestep this issue by bringing one with them, so we can only assume they’re checking in a bag at the airport.

Of course, if you’re travelling in a caravan, motorhome or campervan you can have it kitted out with all the tea-making facilities you require.

Then comes the other creature comforts. The study discovered that 34 per cent of travellers take their slippers with them and 22 per cent need their own pillow.

By the time we find out that 16 per cent can’t do without ketchup and 15 per cent pack sliced bread, it’s looking like a very full suitcase.

That’s before you factor in 12 per cent refusing to leave the country unless they have their favourite cereal and 11 per cent taking squash with them.

One of the many great things about owning a leisure vehicle is that you can have all of these items to hand when you go on a trip.

What’s more, there’s little chance of your ketchup ending up all over your new holiday wardrobe, as there’s a dedicated space for each in the cupboards.

TUI revealed that the average time to start packing is five days before departure, but when you’ve got your caravan or motorhome set up for the season there’s no need to keep unpacking and packing again.

That bottle of ketchup can stay in the campervan cupboard for the long term and apart from a bit of laundry, you’re pretty much set to go whenever the mood takes you.

If you’re likely to be one of the 41 per cent of respondents who said their luggage has gone beyond the weight limit at the airport, perhaps a touring holiday is the answer.

Phillip Iveson, commercial director of TUI, said: “This research shows just how much Brits love to take home comforts on holiday with them.”




Photo credit: Unsplash/Stephanie Renee Cluff