The ultimate kids’ song playlist for caravan road trips

Family singing in the car

Now that the schools have broken up for the summer holidays and more families in Britain than ever are enjoying staycations, many parents will be turning their attention to keeping their kids entertained on road trips.

If you’re heading off for a caravan holiday, then the sunshade supplier Car Shades has conducted some research into the songs to add to your playlist for the journey that might interest you.

It found that I Just Can’t Wait to be King from Disney’s The Lion King was ranked the most popular track by parents for long trips with kids.

Songs from Disney films dominated the list, with tracks from Moana, Frozen and the Little Mermaid all making an appearance in the top ten.

There were some others in there too, with Baby Shark coming in at number six and the theme song from Paw Patrol making it to eighth spot.

Just squeezing in at number ten was the perennial classic Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, showing that some tunes never got old.

Having said that, 45 per cent of parents surveyed may disagree, as they were regularly made to ensure the same song on repeat by their younger travel companions.

The thing about kids’ songs is that they so often end up as earworms, with nine out of ten adults finding themselves singing tunes out loud even when their children aren’t in the car.

Car Shades has put together a 25-track playlist of kids’ songs that could be a useful distraction on your next caravan trip.

Steve Giles, managing director at Car Shades, said: “It’s impossible not to get your children’s favourite songs stuck in your head. Many of them are so catchy and accessible that I completely understand why parents see them as guilty pleasures!

“There will be plenty of road trips this summer, with lots of opportunities to sing along with your kids to make the staycation journeys as pleasant as possible.

“I hope our ultimate kids’ playlist as voted by the parents brings lots of joy to families over the coming weeks, but I still can’t understand how Moana didn’t win it!”