The North West tops the table for number of fixed speed cameras

60mph speed limit

The north west of England has more speed cameras than anywhere else in the UK, a new study has revealed.

Data collected by the LeaseLoco website found there are 657 fixed roadside speed cameras in the North West, which is something to consider when taking a motorhome trip in this area of the country.

In comparison, the North East was found to have just 137 cameras, a fifth of those in the North West.

While motorhome drivers must stick to the same speeds as other road users, those towing caravans must drive more slowly.

In 70mph locations, caravans are limited to 60mph, which is why they have a reputation for slowing down traffic, but it’s important to keep safety in mind.

With 639 fixed cameras, the South East also has a high density, while there are just 78 across the West Midlands.

John Wilmot, CEO of LeaseLoco, said: “Speed cameras have been a familiar sight on UK roads for years. And this data reveals the disparity between regions when it comes to the number of cameras surveilling our roads, with 500 more across the North West than neighbouring North East England.

“What this data doesn’t reveal is the percentage of these roadside cameras that are currently operational. If Police Authorities’ figures from 2017 are still accurate, then only half of speed cameras are active and motorists may be tempted to gamble in light of these odds.”

He added that it’s irresponsible to play such a game, and even when driving through an area where fixed cameras aren’t active, there’s no immunity from mobile speed cameras.

Those new to driving motorhomes and towing caravans should make sure they’re up to speed on the rules and regulations surrounding their vehicles.

For example, motorhomes over 3,050kg must observe lower speed limits, so it’s vital to understand your vehicles to stay safe and within the law.



Photo credit: Unsplash/Titus Blair