The Club is set to mark Tyre Safety Month

Check that your four corners are up to scratch

By Emma Dodd

October will be Tyre Safety Month after the Caravan and Motorhome Club announced a number of initiatives to help keep members safe on the road and save money.

This year’s event draws on past experience of the awareness month, which has been run annually since 2006.

Tyre Safety Month draws attention to up-to-date legislation, driver education and the risks associated with fitting part-worn or defective tyres to a caravan, motorhome or towing vehicle.

Its main focuses for 2020 will be air pressure, condition and tread depth, all of which need to be checked regularly.

Caravan owners should consult their vehicle’s handbook or fuel cap to find out the recommended settings for air pressure before ensuring the tyres match this description.

Looking out for lumps, bulges, cuts and cracks is important, as it could indicate a tyre is unsafe to use.

A minimum legal tread depth has been set at 1.6 mm and it’s best to use an accurate gauge to measure it.

If you don’t have one to hand, then a 20 pence piece is a handy way to work out how close your tread is to the limit. Insert the coin into the tread and if the outer band is obscured, you’re above the legal minimum depth.

The Club’s advice pages on tyre safety are available on its website all year round, but as the seasons change into autumn, checking tyres becomes even more important.

Caravanners can join the conversation on The Club’s social media channels throughout October and take advantage of various offers on tyres.

These include up to 50 per cent off at one of National Tyres and Autocare’s 235 tyre centres and a saving of up to £40 on a TyrePal Tyre Pressure Monitoring System.

Anyone needing particular tyre-related paraphernalia may also be able to get it through The Club’s shop, as it stocks everything from Milenco torque wrench safety kits to AutoGlym instant tyre dressings.