The 2018 Caravan Salon In Dusseldorf- Our Take

We just spent 3 days at the Caravan Salon in Dusseldorf so here are our thoughts

This year was my first time at the Caravan Salon in Dusseldorf and I wanted to share my thoughts with you guys. Should anyone be thinking of taking the trip should have a read of this article as it may just be the influence you need to head to Germany for Europe’s largest caravan and motorhome event.

I cannot start this article without mentioning the sheer size of the Caravan Salon! It is one of the largest trade shows I have ever visited. So if you do visit I would suggest staying in the onsite camping site or very close by. You are going to need a good couple of days to get round it and make the most of everything that is on offer.

Another thing that that is well worth the trip is seeing all the new vehicles, tech and gadgets before the UK see it. Many manufacturers use the Dusseldorf show to launch products as the show gets visitors all over the globe to see what goods they can add to their next year’s product range. So you can get a head start on your friends of what to expect from next year.

Spread across 18 halls as well as around 60-70 different exhibitors outside the show will have something for everyone. If you are at the show then you will find everything you want from new models or leisure vehicle down to the newest tech in disposing your waste, an onboard furnis that incinerates your waste instead of filling up your cassette? I quite like the idea and to be honest the crowd certainly seemed to enjoy the idea.

There were a lot of new concept designs on offer, a stand out being the Burstner Harmony. Imagine a very modern and posh/expensive hotel that you’d find in London or Tokyo then put it into a 8ft wide caravan. From top to bottom the Harmony has state of the art technology; removable lights that double up at a torch and mini lamp that can go anywhere, see pictures below, also an iPad in the wall that control all the interior and exterior lights. Amazing from start to finish.

Once you manage to get round the halls you should make your way to the outside to try the amazing food on offer. There was an 18 wheeler that had a smoker/BBQ grill mounted on the back. The food this grill produced would rival any burger restaurant I have ever visited.

If you want to take the family with you, you will not be disappointed by the amount of entertainment that the Salon has aimed towards children and families. Interactive games, rides and creches for the smaller children. So take the children because they will have a great time on your adventure to Germany.

The fact that the Salon takes place during the last week or so of the school holidays means you can make a trip to the Salon a real holiday. Without too many stops you can get to Germany in or day or. But why rush when you can stop at a few locations along the way and make the trip to Germany a continental touring holiday.