Swift updates to popular caravan range

Award winning Yorkshire caravan makers Swift have announced updates to all three of their caravan ranges.

The Charisma, Challenger and Conqueror lines of caravans come with re-styled kitchens and updated mechanicals in response to user demands.

Loyal customers of the Charisma range had suggested updated such as high security entrance locks, thicker washroom doors and fully lined showers. All have been delivered along with improved shock absorbers in an updated model for 2009.

Those re-styled kitchens aren’t for show, and contain all new appliances across the three caravan ranges. The look is contemporary and sleek – stainless steel effect fridges compliment the granite look of the sink area. Even the control panels are all-electrical and futuristic.

Meanwhile the Challenger and Conqueror ranges sport new graphics and shiny ‘Storm’ alloy wheels to differentiate the models from the previous incarnation. Yet it’s not all show: AL-KO secure wheel locks and a AL-KO side mountable jack ensure the new purchase won’t wander too far from where it’s pitched.

£12,360 gets you the entry-level Charisma 220 with 2 berths and a length of just over 12¿, while £19,735 takes you up to the range-topping Conqueror 645 and 4 berths.

The updated ranges were shown to acclaim from customers at The Caravan Extravaganza show this September at The Lawns, Cottingham.

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