Shrewsbury Resort Team Up To Provide Luxury Stay For Wildlife

Salop launch new wildlife initiative

By Willam Coleman

Two top award winning companies in Shropshire are forming an alliance to create dual wildlife areas for animals to live in safety where guests can relax and bird watch.

Love2Stay caravanning and luxury glamping resort in Shrewsbury has partnered with CJ Wildlife at nearby Upton Magna to introduce two bird feeding stations and a new insect habitat for a butterfly and bee garden.

Keen to incorporate wildlife into the resort to provide nature and wildlife experiences and information for customers, Love2Stay will also be introducing bird and insect identification charts to help people of all ages to observe, learn and engage with nature.

A children’s activity pack will also include information about birds, mammals, butterflies, bees, bugs and pond life.

The new partnership is tied in with the ethos of Love2Stay, which is to provide families with an escape where they have a digital detox, engage with nature and get children playing outside in the fresh air.

Chris Skitt, Love2Stay’s joint general manager, said: “We are pleased to be teaming up with CJ Wildlife to introduce two bird feeding stations and a new insect habitat to promote wildlife in communal areas at the resort.

“This will raise children’s awareness of what to look out for not only during their stay but when they are back home. The resort’s ethos is to get children and adults outdoors and engaging with nature.

“It’s really important to get children off their i-pads and computer games to embrace the beautiful countryside surrounding them here in Shropshire.”

CJ Wildlife, one of the UK’s leading specialist suppliers of garden bird and wildlife products with a range of food, habitats and care products, is keen to support and work with local businesses and those who share an ethos for conservation and nature.

The company has more than 30 years’ experience working alongside ornithologists and wildlife experts researching and developing a range of wildlife products to help people attract and care for more wildlife in their gardens and outside spaces.

Collaborations with partners aims to educate the public and raise awareness of wildlife care and how everyone can make and feel a positive difference by giving back to nature. Particular focus is on reaching younger audiences and inspiring wildlife champions of the future.

“With such extensive grounds promoting the outdoors, family time and well being, Love2Stay is a perfect match to promote a connection with nature and CJ Wildlife is very pleased to be working with the resort’s team,” said Rachel Schofield, CJ Wildlife’s sales and marketing coordinator.

“Simply engaging with wildlife through observing their day to day routine has many health benefits and learning how to interact and care for wildlife makes a noticeable contribution to conservation.

“Through our partnership we can attract more wildlife to the resort and share information with customers on how to enjoy wildlife whilst at home or away.”