Northumberland anticipates surge in motorhome holidays this summer

The motorhomes is set to be a staycation trend in 2021

By Emma Dodd

Motorhome stays on the Northumberland coast are expected to soar this summer, as visitors embrace staycations after the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

Councillors discussed the implications of a sudden surge of tourists in a meeting of the Beadnell Parish Council, reports the Northumberland Gazette.

The local county council brought together key stakeholders at a coastal summit last year, after a relaxation in Covid rules saw an influx of visitors to the area.

They are starting to make plans for more seasonal parking and campervan facilities to accommodate a similar influx of people this summer.

Among the most popular locations in Northumberland for motorhome enthusiasts are Bamburgh, Seahouses, Beadnell, Craster, Boulmer, Alnmouth and Amble, all of which have struggled with tourism-related issues in the past.

Councillor Michael Dawson said: “The DVLA figures for 2020 show registrations of motorhomes up 71 per cent on the previous year and, in August, up 41 per cent and that’s with the uncertainty of lockdowns and the economy.

“I think it’s on the back of lots of people looking at staycations so whether we like it or not, it’s a fact these motorhomes are coming.”

Northumberland is a county of beautiful coastline and imposing castles, making it an attractive prospect for a caravan holiday.

Countryfile awarded National Park of the Year to Northumberland in 2020, demonstrating how its reputation is growing throughout the rest of the UK.

In order to ensure its natural beauty is not spoilt, it’s important that tourism is managed in a sustainable way and that includes provision for motorhomes.

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