New Camper Van Cooking book is endorsed by Volkswagen

A campervan cooking set up

A new book featuring 70 recipes to cook up and enjoy on your next campervan adventure has been endorsed by Volkswagen.

Camper Van Cooking by Claire Thomson was published earlier this summer and includes meals that can be easily created in the Volkswagen California.

A food columnist and author of six books, Ms Thomson has put the volume together to encourage holidaymakers to enjoy delicious meals on the road.

If you think that having just two gas rings at your disposal means all campsite ingredients must come out of tins and packets, think again.

Camper Van Cooking shows you the tips and tricks required to make gourmet cuisine from frying pan toad-in-the-hole to chicken satay with prawn crackers and cucumber.

While creating the book, Ms Thomson and her family road tested all of the recipes in a Volkswagen California 6.1, travelling throughout Dorset and Herefordshire.

Kate Thompson, head of marketing at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, said: “We were delighted to loan Claire and her family a Volkswagen California earlier this summer as they ventured on a food safari of Herefordshire.

“The Volkswagen California offers two gas hobs, a fridge and running tap all as standard so with the help of Camper Van Cooking, customers can rustle up adventurous and delicious meals with ease this bank holiday weekend.”

Here are Ms Thomson’s top five tips for successful campervan cooking:

  1. Prepare your first night’s meal at home and freeze it, so it can thaw on the journey and help to keep the rest of your holiday ingredients cool.
  2. Store cupboard essentials like flatbreads and pitta breads can help to supplement local fresh produce throughout your trip.
  3. Substitute plant-based milks for regular dairy milk, as they don’t need to be refrigerated until opened.
  4. Establish a cooking area on your pitch with a table in the shade.
  5. Select flexible recipes that don’t require a lot of measuring or precision.