Neighbour’s shock as motorhome splash lands in his pool

Fortunately the driver was pulled to safety moments after the crash

by Jack Beresford

Emergency services in the US were confronted with an unusual scenario upon arrival in the town of Brockton, Massachusetts yesterday (1st August), where they found a motorhome lying nose-down in the swimming pool of the owner’s neighbour.

Stephen Pierro, the owner of the tourer in question, had been trying to reverse his motorhome into the driveway of his home when things, quite literally, took a turn for the worse.

Instead of moving gently down the road, the 30-foot vehicle went crashing through Mr Pierro’s fence and into the garden of neighbour Norman Little and his pool.

Speaking to NBC, eyewitness Larry Lambert said: “He went the whole length of his driveway, through his backyard, through a tree, through a fence, and into his neighbour’s pool.”

Mr Little had just walked into his garden at the time of the motorhome’s unscheduled arrival and despite the ensuing chaos was able to pull Mr Pierro from the water to safety.

The motorhome owner has since cited an issue with the accelerator, which saw his foot become stuck, as the main problem, while others have suggested Mr Pierro’s diabetes may have played a part.

A crane was eventually deployed to lift the vehicle out of the water.