NC500 reminds caravanners and motorhomers to be responsible

A motorhome on a section of the NC500

The North Coast 500 (NC500) has become one of the most popular destinations for caravan and motorhome trips in recent years.

With it has come some concern from locals in the North Highlands and other visitors that not everyone is acting responsibly along the route.

NC500 has therefore issued renewed advice for anyone thinking of tackling the 516-mile circuit from and to Inverness Castle in a leisure vehicle this summer.

The guidance includes:

  • While wild camping is allowed in Scotland, it only refers to those who arrive by foot or bike and is not permitted in a caravan or motorhome.
  • Park responsibly and in areas that allow overnight parking if you’re not staying in a formal campsite.
  • Drivers must be comfortable navigating single-track roads in a large vehicle.
  • Be aware that Scottish access rights and the Scottish Outdoor Access Code don’t apply to motor vehicles.
  • Chemical toilet waste should only be emptied in places specifically designated for this purpose.
  • Ensure the emptying methods for all on-board waste facilities are demonstrated when hiring a caravan or motorhome.

Craig Mills, operations director for NC500, said: “Experiencing the North Coast 500 by motorhome or campervan has become a popular way for visitors to enjoy all that the North Highlands has to offer.

“However, it is important that these users are well prepared for their visit and follow the appropriate advice and guidance.”

There’s a more in-depth guide to completing the route by motorhome or caravan on the NC500 website, complete with names of places to park overnight and locations to dispose of waste.

Once all of the logistics are in place, you’ll be able to enjoy the highlights of this world-class route, including the Castle of Mey, Smoo Cave and Corrieshalloch Gorge.


Photo credit: Unsplash/john Higgitt