Motorhome owners urged not to rely on alternator battery charge

Motorhome batteries need regular charging to work at their best

by Tom Walsh

Motorhome owners are being warned of the dangers of relying on the vehicle’s alternator to charge and maintain the battery.

CTEK, a global battery maintenance and care brand, explained that modern motorhomes have an abundance of electrical items which can put increased strain on the internal battery components.

While the alternator is normally seen as a way of preserving the life of the power source, the unit never reaches optimum charge levels.

This can lead to acid stratification, which can be an irreversible situation.

The company suggests using a CTEK D250S Dual smart charger which can be left connected to the vehicles for long periods of time, making it ideal for models in storage.

Katariina Stahl, director of sales and marketing at CTEK, explained: “By using a CTEK smart charger, it is possible to always maintain the correct charge level which avoids costly breakdowns and unwanted disruptions to holidays.”

The last thing any person needs is for their motorhome to run out of juice, especially with the summer holiday season fast-approaching.