Less Is So Much More With Truma

Something new this way comes from the guys at Truma

By William Coleman

In a day and age where we have smart phones and high end HD TVs as thin as a box of matches it is no surprise that Truma are now able to fit air con systems that are a fraction of the size to previous market leading models. And it works wit their recently released app, they are really are making life easy for us.

The summers are getting long and warmer, which means the air conditioning systems will be on for a lot more than usual. You want to make sure that you have a top spec system that does not compromise the living space or exterior size of your leisure vehicle, and this is where Truma fit in to the equation.

The new Truma Aventa compact roof-mounted air conditioning system will soon be on the market to ensure we stay cool while not having to add larger models to our touring homes.

When and where are you guys be able to see this new tech on display? The wait is almost over as the Truma storm the Caravan Salon in Dusseldorf later on this month.

So the name includes the word “compact” and that is exactly what you get. An extremely compact system that still delivers the power and energy needed to sleep under a somfy duvet in 30+ degree weather. The delivery of extremely fast with 1,700 W cooling. The size in no way diminish the power of the product.

“We have developed the Aventa compact specially for vans and small motor homes or caravans” explains Bernd Gerlach, Head of European Retail Management.

Not only is the new tech small but it is also ultra lightweight, weighing in at just 27.5kg. The Truma Avent compac is the lightest roof-mounted air conditioning system on the market. Do you have limited roof space? This will no longer be an issue.

Thanks to its low energy consumption of 2.8 A, it is also suitable for use on campsites with weak fuse protection.

The small air distributor is also new. Its compact design means it saves space inside the motorhome or caravan as well. Four individually adjustable outlets distribute the cold air evenly to create the perfect indoor climate.

Keeping the noise level down was a key design focus. The new roof-mounted air conditioning system is very quiet and includes the tried-and-tested sleep function with reduced fan operation. Restful nights and undisturbed campsite neighbours guaranteed! Of course, the Truma Aventa compact can be conveniently controlled using the Truma App and can be connected to the Truma iNet System.

This means that customers with a Truma Combi, Truma VarioHeat or Alde heater can also use the automatic climate control. It is not just the appliance that has been well designed – Truma has thought carefully about installation as well. Special mounting frames ensure fast, watertight installation – even on textured van roofs.

The new Truma Aventa compact replaces the Aventa eco, Truma’s previous “small” roof- mounted air conditioning system. In January 2019, the Aventa family will welcome another new member – the powerful 2,200 W Aventa compact plus. “This, together with the large 2,400 W Aventa comfort, completes our air conditioning portfolio and means we have the perfect system
for every cooling requirement”
says Gerlach.

Key facts – Truma Aventa compact:

  • . Weight: 27.5 kg
  • . Cooling capacity: 1,700 W
  • . External unit dimensions: 785 x 560 x 265 mm (L x W x H)
  • . Dimensions of air distributor: 556 x 496 x 46 mm (L x W x H)
  • . Power consumption: 2.8 A