Jerba Campervans to rollout exclusive touchscreen technology

Prototype of the new Jerba screeen

Customers collecting vans from Jerba Campervans from the end of this year can expect their new leisure vehicles to come complete with an exclusive new piece of technology.

The Scottish VW Transporter van converter has developed the control panel to operate everything from the lights to the locks.

Simon Poole, co-founder of Jerba Campervans, said: “We are continuously working behind the scenes at Jerba to better our products to improve them for customers.

“We believe this addition will make for huge improvement to our campervans, giving the customer full control of so many important features – literally at their fingertips.”

He added that the onscreen design will be in line with VW’s infotainment system dashboard to provide continuity throughout.

The engineers at Jerba have developed the device to connect fuses, lights and a selection of controls to allow everything to be operated from the same place.

It will have the ability to incorporate new features and for the software to be updated over time.

Van owners will also be able to use the touchscreen to see data on electrical usage and solar panel output to help manage power during their trips.

The touchscreen has already been designed and tested, with the prototype ready to be put into production ahead of the rollout towards the end of 2022.

Mr Poole said: “Our team at Jerba are all campervan fanatics so we imagined the benefits something like this could have to the day-to-day life of a campervan traveller.

“The incredible team quickly got to work, creating this excellent addition.”

He founded Jerba Campervans with his wife Cath in 2006, but in 2018 they made the decision to move the business into the ownership of its employees.

Now, every member of staff receives an equal profit share each year, irrespective of their position at the company.