Hollywood A Lister Caravan Gets Pinched

A Lister gets Airstream stolen following a fire than took his home

By William Coleman

We are all very aware of the risks that come with owning a caravan and we all take measures to prevent any harm coming to them. Despite our best efforts there are occasion where no matter what someone does something bad happens to our pride and joy. Even Hollywood Heartthrobs are not immune from this as one A list actor gets his vintage caravan stolen.

Late last year saw a lot people all across California suffer from the devastating effects of a wild fire that swept across the state leaving a lot of people homeless having lost everything. The fire burnt down hundreds of homes including Scotland’s very own, Gerard Butler.

Following the devastating news of losing his home and worldly possession Mr. Butler decided to buy himself a 1969 Airstream Silver Sovereign trailer which was going to be a restoration project. Something to cheer him up after losing everything in a fire.

Having recently purchased the trailer as a “fixer upper” it was basically a shell that needed a lot of work doing before it could be used. Not long after the purchase the Airstream was stolen and has yet to be recovered.

Local law enforcement have stated that the American classic was stolen from the parking area of a fabrication shop in the San Fernando Valley.

It just goes to show that no matter who you are or where you are leisure vehicles are always a target for criminals.

At least the theft took place before any real work had been done on the van. It was purchased by the Phantom of The Opera star for roughly $11,000 and had not had anything done to alter its current unusable state.

So as it stands the criminals made off with an aluminum shell which should be quite hard to find a legitimate buyer who would want to spend the time, money and effort restoring the Airstream to its former glory.

Always take care when storing your motorhome, camper or caravan. There are a few simple measure that can be taken to secure your vehicle such a good wheel lock, van covers and trackers.