Forget WFH, these people are WFC – working from campervan

Swap the home office for the camper office

By Emma Dodd

When the first lockdown struck nearly a year ago, a large proportion of the country found themselves working from home (WFH) overnight.

Now that we’re in lockdown three, there’s a different trend that’s sweeping the nation and doesn’t break any of the rules.

Working from campervan (WFC) has become a reality for some people, as they look for office space on their doorstep, but without the distractions posed by being inside the house.

And it’s not just those who already owned a campervan that have seen the potential, as there’s a growing number of individuals who have rented one solely for the purpose of getting work done undisturbed.

Sara Tasker, a business coach with a seven-year-old child, told the Metro that she hired a campervan to work in when the January lockdown was announced.

She had explored the idea of renting office space, but it didn’t suit her needs during the pandemic and she was feeling desperate for a way to be able to concentrate fully on her work.

Ms Tasker told the news provider: “There’s nothing else to do in there. I can’t do any housework, all I can do is focus.”

She has justified the expense of hiring a campervan to work from by totting up the amount of money she’s saved on not going on holiday or out for meals since the pandemic began.

Ms Tasker is not the only person taking advantage of the WFC trend, with rental company Quirky Campers having noticed people hiring their vans as offices recently.

Among such customers, there have been plenty of creatives – and especially writers – who require time away from homeschooling and other responsibilities to think clearly and produce results.

Since campervans tend to have a kitchen and a toilet, there’s no need to head back into the house and get embroiled in what’s going on in there during your working time.

Leisure vehicle bookings are currently not permitted for holidays as everyone is being asked to stay at home, but hiring them for work is allowed.