Disgruntled couple speak out against underpaying motorhome dealer

Remember to shop around to get the best possible deal when selling

by Jake Polden

Being trustworthy requires you to be responsible, but this responsibility can be ignored by some dealers who underpay for motorhomes from unknowing individuals.

A recent example of this is Phil and Jenny’s story, a couple who told their tale to The Daily Express.

Looking for a quick sale on their motorhome, the pair received £11,000 in a transaction with a local dealer – a sum they now believe to be substantially less than the actual market value.

Stating that “leaks had rotted some of the bodywork” the dealer bagged himself a tidy profit by reportedly selling the motorhome on for £26,000.

Despite the process of selling a tourer being notoriously daunting and a hassle to some, Comfort Insurance product manager Ben Cue, told the news provider that there are a few things sellers can do to make the task easier.

Motorhomes are unlike cars in that they do not depreciate in value – at least not at the same speed. Most motorhomes in fact can actually increase in value over the spring period, with dealers hoping to make quick sales before the harsh wintry conditions arrive.

Recommending to get at least three offers before committing to a sale, Ben has explained how dealers will offer you less to cover their overheads, and that despite the extra leg work, private sales can be more profitable.

While this story is particularly unfortunate, considering the couple were forced to sell their motorhome due to Phil’s declining health, it is a rather extreme example.

Most dealers are fair and honest, and will offer you a competitive deal on your tourer.

That said, keep this story in mind and remember when you go to sell your caravan or motorhome to get at least three quotes, to not sell unless you are 100% happy, and to fix any minor defects to ensure you get the best possible price.